Grape picking!

We visited Uchiko for grape picking on 31st August.


 We could eat grapes there as much as we like. The type of grapes was "Kyoho", that was a big sized-grape and so sweet.
 This activity gave us the sign of autumn and we really had a great time!
 Thought's about the day


 "It was a wonderful outing. Everyone is such a nice person. Grape was really oishii!(delicious)
 I enjoyed every bit of it and managed to eat 4 and 1/2 clusters." -Bernard


 "I had a great time! I ate 3 clusters. Grapes were so sweet! Thank you so much for this activity." -Ninai


 "Happy hours! Grape was very delicious, too bad I only could eat small amount of them. Very thankful for this occasion" -Wilma


 "Yeah!! Really enjoyed today! Delicious grapes and wonderful members!! Almost lost the 'Grape-King' title, but still happy!  Thanks so much for the help of today's outdoor activity" -Jean


 "Grape was so delicious! I was very happy to meet you all from different countries!" -

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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2013/8/26



 [Today’s Bible verse] Mark 12: 28〜31

 And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, asked him, Which is the first commandment of all? And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

“What is the key for real happiness?”

We are from various countries and have different cultures, custom and thinking so on. Nevertheless all human beings have been looking for the same; health and money.
 Historically people have been pursuing health and wealth to live longer and longer.
 Recent survey in Japan says; the average of life span of Japanese women is 86.45 yrs and that of Japanese men is about 79.94 yrs. It means 83 years old is the average of life span of Japanese. The bottom line is that the Japanese has the longest life and wealth enough materially in the world. But can we say we are the happiest people ? No, I don’t think so. Many Japanese are still single in their 40’s. Also another survey says many people have mental diseases and approximately 30,000 people commit suicide every year in Japan. What is the problem with us? We seem to have everything but empty inside. Here comes question; “What is the key for real happiness?” Today’s verse shows us two of the most important God’s commandments.

 1) Love your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; We need proper relationship with the Living God

 2) Love your neighbors as you love yourself.

 We are created by God. We are spiritual beings. Real key of success and happiness is; relationship with the Living God.

 In our actual life, we are too busy and diligent people, however, we have to be very careful about our spiritual life. In fact we are too busy on smart phone, PC, on-line game, replying e-mail so on, wasting a great deal of time.
 Once again, I say to you that we are spiritual existence so that only Living God can satisfy us.
 So do not forget to open the bible, meditate and pray every day. Make sure of these 2 keys for real happiness. And take care of your spiritual life.
 Because Jesus Christ has showed His mercy upon us and demonstrated His supreme, ultimate love toward us.
 Let us restore spiritual relationship with God.

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The schedule of August

8/4  Holy Communion  AM9:00〜10:45 (interpreted into English on PC)
After service, we have a small gift for all those people who were born in the month of June.

8/11  The combind memorial service  AM10:00〜12:00 (interpreted into English on PC)
We will have memorial service and remember our beloved brothers and sisters who are already in heaven.  With many good memories about them, we thank God in this combined service.
Please be careful not to be wrong, we hold just one Sunday service that day.

 8/18  Healing service   AM9:00〜10:45  (interpreted into English on PC)
We will pray intensively for the sick who are in need.

8/24  Summer festival in the evening.  PM 5:00〜8:00
This is church's annual event.  We set up a mini bazaar which included fun games.  There are various foods stalls by the different groups.  It shall be a nice time to all ourselves.  Let's go out and enjoy tyhe cool eveing breeze!

8/25  English Sunday service ( PM 1:30〜2:45 )
Let's us enjoy worshiping and singing to God in English.  Please invite your friends and neighbors into the blessing of the living God.  We are looking forward to seeing you!

8/31 A drive to Shikoku karst and grape gathering.  
Place: Shikoku kurst and Uchiko-town

( About Shikoku karst )
Located in the border of Ehime and Kochi prefectures, the Shikoku Karst plateau, about 1,400 km above sea level, stretches 25 km on an east-west axis. Together with Akiyoshidai Plateau in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Hiraodai Plateau in Fukuoka Prefecture, it is one of the Three Great Karst Formations of Japan.
From the top of the highest peak, you can command a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains including Mt. Ishizuchi. The gentle highlands of Onogahara, Godan Highland, Mezuru-daira, and Tengu Highland (1485 m) extend from the east to the west, which are covered with green grass in summer and Japanese pampas grass in fall. Providing affluent nature that changes from season to season, the plateau is visited by a lot of tourists all through the year. Shikoku Karst is also famous as a pastureland for dairy cows. Cows leisurely grazing here and there on the plateau create idyllic scenery.
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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2013/7/28


[Today’s Bible verse]   1 Peter 2: 9〜10

"9  But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.  10  Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy."

This scripture talks about which kind of blessings that we can realize as Christians.

1.  We are the chosen generation, a royal priesthood, and a holy nation.  We are God’s people. (in the beginning of verse 9)   The Bible declared that we are the child of God.

2.  Called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.  (from the middle of verse 9 to 10)

Keep in mind that we are in the presence of God. Our life and the way we think are changed by the presence of God.

3.  Let’s share the real testimony about the life as Christians.  We don’t need to compare our life with others in the society.  Do not forget that we are in the field called “Christians”.


Tamara who is Ponyadira's sister has gone to her country.  We had a good time during her stay in Matsuyama. 
May God bless her more and more.


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The beach outing 2013/7/21


Our church make a plan to go to the beach with "Men's Club" on July 21st..  This is an annual church event every year. The place is  "Goshikihama" seaside park.  Church prepare watermelon game, that is, to split a watermelon with a stick wearing a blindfold.  Everyone can participate in this event for free, including lunch. 

Six memebers of the Prasise Fellowship went to there.  It was so hot that we had to be patient on that day.  However, they seemed to really enjoy the picnic so much.  Some of them went to the beach, enjoyed boating and catching balls, and so on.  They were so excited.  
Some tried hitting the watermelon with their eyes closed.  It was so fun.    They really had a good time on the beach on that day.





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Happy birthday!!


We are so glad to have celebrated our son's first birthday on the 7th july.  We are thankful to the praise fellowship members for their warm presence and blessing that they gave to Craig and us on that day.  The fellowship is a great blessing, and makes life in Japan more bearable and fun.

We also appreciate the kind gesture courtesy of pastor Mandai and staff in accommodating us on that afternoon.
Thank you very much and may God richly bless you.

Maurice, Po and Craig





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The schedule of July

7/7 Holy Communion AM9:00〜10:45 (interpreted into English on PC)
... After service, we have a small gift for all those people who were born in the month of June.

7/14 Healing service AM9:00〜10:45 (interpreted into English on PC)
We will pray intensively for the sick who are in need.

7/21 Sunday service AM9:00〜10:45 (interpreted into English on PC)
We are going to the beach with "Men's Club" of our church.  This is an annual church event every year.
The place is  "Goshikihama" seaside park.  At this place, you can enjoy swimming, and some activities.  We prepare watermelon game, that is, to split a watermelon with a stick wearing a blindfold.  Everyone can participate in this event for free, including lunch.  Please bring swimming wear and towel.  There are a shower room and a locker room.

 7/28 English Sunday service ( PM 1:30〜2:45 )
Let's us enjoy worshiping and singing to God in English. Please invite your friends and neighbors into the blessing of the living God. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2013/6/30



Your situation is a seed for the bright future
(Scriptural  reading:  John 9:1-7)

This church started overseas trips focussing on 3 missions; soul winning, healing and deliverance.  These missions trips were started some 40 years ago by my father who was one of the first few Japanese preachers and evangelists to go out of Japan to preach the gospel.  Japan was closed up to the rest of the world until 1967 when she opened herself.  My father had great faith and took advantage of this opportunity and preached the gospel everywhere. 

By then the churches in Japan were very small and limited in activities.  Nevertheless, he started evangelism work overseas and one of the countries is India.  Since then the church has been involved in evangelism work in India for many years.  I personally have been doing the evangelism work in India for 25years now. 

Whenever we go to India for missions trip GOD has always shown His blessings all the time; hundreds of thousands of souls are already saved, tens of hundreds of healings took place.
However, recently the societal situation in India has changed and it is not easy now to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Well, this is on the contrary to their rapid industrialisation and development; they are becoming conservative in their culture and tradition.  The current government has passed special laws prohibiting evangelism of other religions to Hindu people.   If you are a Christian or any other religion you can be converted to Hinduism and not the other way round. However, still it is not very strict like in other Moslems countries.

Although this is the situation in India, we managed to hold evangelistic meetings carefully through prayer and by the guidance of The Holy Spirit. This time the size of meetings were not very big; only 1000people attended every night and the biggest was about 1300people.  I remember during our past mission trips to India the biggest gathering we had 15000people in attendance.  However, although this time the gatherings were small but there was a strong presence of The Holy Spirit when we started praying for the people.  Many people received their miracles from GOD; they were healed and delivered from the control of evil spirits.  Many people shouted, rolled to the ground, and vomited due to the manifestations of the evil spirits. After few minutes were free and their families testified of their healings and deliverances after having the problems for so many years. One person was totally blind in his right eye and it was opened and could see clearly. While the other man was deaf for 20years on his right ear and started to hear clearly.  There was a small girl with paralysis and could not walk for many years and she was healed instantly and started walking.  

I was so glad that we could experience numerous miracles during the 4 nights of our meetings.  I always talk to myself that we really believe in The Creator and Saviour GOD of all humanity.  We study science and know the laws of nature based on our observations about nature and the data we collect.  That is the basis of science.
However, brothers and sisters, we have to remind ourselves that our faith is based on the word of GOD and tells us about the creator of the whole universe.  There is the possibility and power which exceeds the laws of nature because He is the creator GOD and can do anything with His power. He can create anything from nothing.  That is the GOD we serve. We should never forget the possibility of our faith.  Brothers and sisters, we are to know the true nature of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Through this Indian mission trip, we experienced that our faith in Jesus Christ is really powerful.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever as the scripture proclaims. 

Even today, He is ready to touch our needs, heal any diseases and deliver people from evil spirits.  However, we are not excited about the miracles but the manifestation of the true work of Jesus Christ. The scripture we have read about the blindman.  The disciples of Jesus were discussing and arguing the cause of his handicapped and his curse of blindness.  They argued that possibly his parents or ancestors did commit sin, and did bad or evil things. Even today we may want to know the cause of our miseries and sorrows and who is the responsible cause.  However, we see Jesus Christ the creator and Savior his answer was totally different.  He said ‘neither this man nor his parents sinned but that the works of GOD should be revealed in him’.  From this Jesus is showing us 3 points.

1.  Jesus is not just causing a miracle to excite us but is willing to give us the new course for Gods work in our problems. Sometimes we get worried due to different problems such as lack of fiancés, diagnosed with incurable diseases.  Just imagine you are told you have cancer in your body and such a diagnosis sounds like a condemnation in your life.  Then we lose hope and give up for the future. However, in most bad and difficult situations Jesus creates a new cause and course for the bright future.  This man was blind from birth and had no help and was abandoned by the society.  But Jesus said he is blind so that the works of GOD may be revealed to him. Brothers and sisters, Jesus Christ can utilize our weaknesses, short comings and problems as a seed to perform a miracle for our victory; the seed for a bright future, prosperity and happiness.

2.  Secondly, I want you to know in many, many incidences Jesus not only is speaking the word of GOD but he simply touches the people. In this incident he spat his saliva and made mud and put the clay on the eyes of the blindman like ointment so that he could see Jesus. This was a clear sensation to him that Jesus indeed touched him. Brothers and sisters, Jesus is not GOD who is very far away from you. He is real, simple, wants to relate with you and willing to touch you today in your situation today. He wants to come into your life and help you. Once you believe in Jesus his attention is given to you all the time. He will never forget you and always will care for you.

3.  Thirdly, Jesus is ready to change the cause and course of your life totally.  I want you to read the rest of the verses in John chapter 9.  The healing of the blindman is not yet finished. After he called Jesus for help and Jesus touched him.  Then his entire life was totally changed and transformed. This is the greatest miracle.  He became a witness of Jesus Christ and testified about his healing and Jesus Himself for many times. 
This time when I went back to India, the first day I visited 3 village churches.  These are one of the 40 poor village churches that we support their pastors with our offerings.  We do this so that the pastors can survive and continue preaching the gospel to the poor locals.  One of the pastors, whom I know very well and I prayed for his healing from leprosy some 20years ago before he became a pastor and by then he was not a Christian. After receiving his total healing from leprosy he became a Christian and went to a bible school to become a pastor.  This pastor when he saw me was full of smile and hugged me. He thanked me for the monthly offerings we send to him and told me he had now pioneered 3 village churches. His current village church he pioneered has a membership of 100people.  He told me that when GOD healed him from leprosy his life was transformed. Brothers and sisters the miracle of GOD is not superficially happening but GOD is a life giving GOD. When he creates a real miracle he changes our nature so that we can be a follower of Jesus Christ.  Well when I saw this pastor I was very happy and checked his fingers and is ok right now.  I am grateful to see that miracle not only GOD healed him but changed his life completely. And now is a happy pastor, a servant of Jesus Christ having pioneered 3 village churches in poor villages serving the people with the love of Jesus Christ and himself is a living testimony of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Finally, brothers and sisters, I want you to remind yourself about the fact that you received the real saviour in your heart and this means His great work has already started in your life.  Your life is being taken care of and prepared for the great future.  The things you are experiencing today are a seed of the blight future of tomorrow because Jesus is with you.  He is always relating to you and wants to manifest himself as a living saviour in your life.  You may be experiencing difficult situations as you live in Japan but do not hesitate to come forward because Jesus has a plan for you in Japan.  The proof is you are with us in this place where the Holy Spirit works. So brothers and sisters let us rejoice in believing Jesus Christ and let us experience the real power of our saviour, who is readily willing to touch us, to help us and to utilize our every problem or weak situation and to transform for our bright future. He is ready to touch and help you and to change the course of your life.
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A luncheon party

We had "Joshi-kai" which means ladies-only gathering with new commers.  




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The schedule of June.

  Praise the Lord
We will inform you with the schedule of June.

6/2  Sunday service
Pastor Oka preached us this Sunday.

6/9  The Holy Communion
Pastor Eiji came back from India.  The report of mission work in India will be announced.  Thank you for your praying.  After service, we have a small gift for all those people who were born in the month of June.

6/16  Healing service (Father's Day)
We will pray intensively for the sick who are in need.

6/23  Sunday service
After service, there is the small bazaar of accessories on that day.

6/30  English Sunday service ( PM 1:30〜2:45 )
Let's us enjoy worshiping and singing to God in English.  Please invite your friends and neighbors into the blessing of the living God.  We are looking forward to seeing you!

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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2013/5/26

( Today's Bible verses )

Mark 16:15    And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 
Mathew 28:19-20  Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:  20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:  and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.   Amen. 

Acts 1:8  But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:  and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.



A famous Japanese skier, Mr.Yuichiro Miura, had recently managed to break the world record of being the oldest man in the world to climb Mt. Everest at the age of 80 years.
 Pastor Mandai pointed out that he met him several times at conferences and knew him very well as a person with a big vision in his heart. Even Pastor Mandai admired him for his accomplishments.  Twice before, Mr. Miura managed to climb Mt. Everest at the age of 70 and 75years old respectively.  Still he was preparing himself every time to climb again the Mt. Everest at the age of 80years.  Since that time for 5years he has been wearing special clothes and boots carrying at least 20-30kg of weights.  This he did repeatedly in order to maintain his physical body fitness in readiness of his next adventure to climb Mount Everest at the age of 80years.  Many old Japanese people became happy with his accomplishments.  Finally, though not a Christian but he managed to achieve his goal because he had a very big vision in his heart and once again he became the legend.

From this story of Mr.Miura,  as the brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ we should not to forget about our Christian vision.  Nowadays through advanced technologies such as i-phone, smart phones, computer; people can easily connect to each other through internet, facebook, twitter, emails and etc.  Most people think they are connected to each other.  However, probably it is noticed that actually most of the people are disconnected from one another.  As a result most people feel solicitude and lonely.  Currently, parents are complaining about their young children with a problem of hikikomori who stay most of the time in doors playing TV and computer games and then just sleep.  Similarly, we also as Christians may be preoccupied with research work, shopping, laundry and many other things and then forgetting to connect ourselves with other people. Consequently, most people have no time for relationship with other people.

 We have to make sure that our hearts are connected with other people.  Especially as Christians, our hearts should first be connected to the living GOD.  When we have a real relationship with the saviour Jesus Christ, our hearts will always be burned with the power of The Holy Spirit; then the living GOD will influence our hearts by His vision. 

The 3 portions of Bible scriptures we have read today; all were spoken by Jesus at the same occasion although with different expressions.  They are all saying the same thing and are considered as the last words of Jesus Christ on earth before His ascension into heaven.  For Christians, they are considered as a great commandment.  His words are very important and are to be taken very seriously.

At his last occasion on Earth, Jesus clearly said that go you to the nations and preach the gospel to every creature and make them my disciples.  He further said you shall receive power when The Holy Spirit shall come upon you and you shall be my witnesses in Judah, Jerusalem, Samaria and unto every remote parts of the world.  As believers of the living GOD, we should not stay away from people by confining ourselves in our rooms; we may be feeling comfortable, secure and quite just alone but Jesus is always encouraging us to go into the world.  We need to be with the people and connected to them.  We are to make friendship and strongly relate with them and share the gospel (good news) for their needs.  There is no need to be silent but utilizing the power of The Holy Spirit and the authority in the name of Jesus Christ we have to show the people that our GOD is the living GOD. 

Brothers and sisters, we have to remember that in our modern society the hearts of the people are getting smaller and smaller, and shrinking and shrinking. People are only thinking of themselves and they are even disconnected and separated from their family members.  This is not Biblical. Throughout the Bible Jesus is encouraging us to go into the gatherings of the people in the world.  We have to do this by relying on the power of The Holy Spirit and the authority of the name of Jesus for the salvation of the people.  We have to avoid becoming spiritual hikikomori here or there.  There is no need to make safe, comfort territory for ourselves and be satisfied. In actual sense, we can only get real happiness for according to the Bible, humans being are not meant to live alone.

We need to have compassion to share the blessings of the gospel and we need to take the words of Jesus Christ seriously.  Please remember also that your coming to Japan to pursue different careers is part of GOD’s plan for you for the salvation of Japanese people.  Being a child of God saved by Him; you are already in his plan which is already working for you. Do you think GOD can send you as a Christian among a non Christians without a spiritual purpose or meaning? GOD’s plan is for you to be a witness of Jesus Christ and of good influence to the Japanese people, the perishing souls.  You are to be a contact person for GODs salvation.  He has given you a new training suitable for the new environment for the witness of Jesus Christ.

 Witnessing for Jesus Christ is not just the work of missionaries alone but all of us we have been send out with GODs purpose into the society. We need to relate to the people and bring them to the church in the presence of GOD. And we do not have to forget that GOD is working to enlarge our hearts and the size of our vessels to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ.

The pastor finished his sermon with a word of prayer for GOD to use us. He also asked the members to pray for Him for GOD’s anointing and power of The Holy Spirit to fill him as he will be preaching at crusades in India for people to be saved, healed and delivered from different infirmities, devils and curses.
(Next Sunday service)

We will have a monthly english service.
◆ 6/30 Worship service in english ( PM: 1:30〜2:45)
You are invited to our church!  we are looking forward to seeing you.
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The letter from Ghana


I hope by the grace of God you are doing well just as we are in Ghana. This is just to inform you that I have now settled down in Ghana after some initial challenges. Please permit me for my late e-mail as I needed to do a lot of things on my arrival, both at home and in the office. Now every thing is on course and I am back to normal life. I hope church is also as enjoyable as it has always been and new members have joined to fill our place. Please extend my greetings to all the members and once again, I say a BIG THANK YOU to you and  everyone for the nice time we had in the course of fellowship. I shall atend a WHO meeting on e-waste in Switzerland next month and I hope you will remember me in prayers so that everything goes on well.

Please have a good weekend and enjoy the English service on Sunday.

Benign regards,

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Church Bazassr 2013/4/29


Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord. 
We held a Church bazaar on April 29. 

The day was blessed with sunny weather and there was a big cue from the sales corner in the church to the road outside until it opened at 9:30 a.m.  This year probably we had the highest number of the visitors ever recorded and it was the best day of roaring business. On the day of bazaar, more than 100 of the brothers and sisters in the Lord served with all their best from early in the morning to the evening, for the preparation and the clearing up. 

As for Praise Fellowship Team, also several brothers and sisters took part and served in the event.
We prepared Banana Cake of the  Philippines , Tapioca with Coconut Milk, Indonesia Sate of quail's egg , and Banana and Corn fritter of  Malawi and sold them all.  The sum of the sales of PF Team was 11,500 yen. Thank you for your commitment.

According to the accounting report of the bazaar on the weekly report of the church on May 12, all the sales were offered for the radio and overseas missions.  The contributions of the bazaar will be used for the work of God, sowing the seeds of Good News as we do every year.

 We are so thankful for your service, the goods offered, and your prayers toward this event.
This church bazaar was also a great success as usual and a great victory we achieved, reporting this with gratitude and appreciation to you.  Thank you so mush!



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The mission in India.


( Pray for the mission in India )

The work will be performed on May 27th (Monday) - June 7 (Friday) this year.
The situation has been unstable and dangerous recently.  So the big meeting outdoors has been closed, but this time the big event plans to be held outdoors in Tirupur.  Along with this event, the seminar for 500 pastors and the youth gathering will be held.  Visiting ophan's homes and churches in the villages is scheduled as the last year.
Your pray and support will be needed for the mission.
We believe that the big succes will be reported in June.

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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2013/4/22


Christmas is a time that not only Christians celebrate, but also all the other religion people celebrates. But to Christians, the death and resurrection of Jesus is a big giving. Jesus died for us to clear our sins. In the Bible, it says that we can be saved by only believing Jesus. The Bible says that the death is not the end of everything. It says that eternal life is there when we receive Jesus Christ in the center of our mind. The birth and resurrection of Jesus from the dead is known to be an important thing for the eternal life from God.

Today's bible verses  [John 20:19-23]

In today’s Bible verses, Jesus appeared when the disciples were afraid of the eyes of the people and so hiding inside. And then Jesus said, “Peace be with you” twice in today’s scripture.
There are two things that Jesus gave to the disciples and us.

1. Jesus gave peace.
Jewish says “Shalom (peace)” to each other as a greeting. But when Jesus said “Peace be with you”, this is not only a greeting but also a word that has a special meaning. We are always too busy, loosing peace in our heart, and try to find peace from something to fine peace in our life (Karaoke, drinking…). What we need to remember is that we Christians have been given peace from Jesus. We have the real peace proven, protected, promised by the resurrection of Jesus.

2. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit has been given through the breath of Jesus Christ. Then what is the Holy Spirit? It is the spirit of God. And therefore, by the Holy Spirit, we can be the blessed ones. For realizing the potential given by God, we need to know that even when we are week and small, Jesus utilize us. By receiving the Holy Spirit, the disciples were strengthened and could work for God’s will. We need to be aware of the fact that Jesus is ready to give us the Holy Spirit.
In verse 21 and 23, Jesus told the disciples to go out with these two blessings. As the disciples, we should also go out to share the Gospel in the word. We have two hands. One is for receiving the blessing from God, and the other for blessing the needed ones.



(Next English worship)
2013/5/26 (PM1:30〜2:45)
You are most welcome to join us.
We are looking forward to seeing you!
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Introduction of overseas email

( We will show a part of the e-mail below from Sis.Veena and Bro.Edward. るんるん)

 How are you?  Sorry for taking long in posting some pictures of our boys. I am really busy with them and they hardly give me any peace, but I am enjoying with them and life is interesting.

We moved to Gall now and we don't have internet at home. Ruwan works as a senior lecturer here and I got my appointment as a University Medical officer.
Now Aakashi is 6 months and Hiroshi is 2 years and 4 months. Both are very difficult. Aakashi is moving around and very fast. Even at night he wants to move around by him self. He doesn't cry much but plays a lot and laughs a lot. Now we have started weaning on him.
Hirosh too have grown up a lot and he speaks a lot. Now he demands every thing and some times very difficult. He now says I don't want this and I want this.
Now we can't take much pictures of Hiroshi as he always wants to operate the camera.  Lot more things to write about my boys.
When ever I take photos of them I think I should post them to you. Here with I attached some of the pictures and hope you like them.

Give our regards to you
Veena    4/1
Picture 31.jpg

We're back and have settled down in our place (General Santos, Philippines).
We've been very busy this past weeks due to the difficulty in settling down. As if we're starting all over again. But everything's going fine.
Next week, I will be we reporting back in my university (Mindanao State University- General Santos). It's summer vacation until next month but I have to report in the university from time to time to adjust myself again. I have been away for 5 years and a lot of things had happened, not to mention a lot of changes.  Thank you and please extend our regards to all Praise Fellowship and Fukuin Center friends.

With best regards,
Edward R. Lapong and family  4/19

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Easter 2013/4/8

We celebrate Easter together.  After Easter service, the church organizes a buffet stkle luncheon for everyone to enjoy at 200¥



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Recipe of Precila's banana cake

Precila who is Edward's wife gave us her recipe.  She send it by the email before she leave Japan.  She made two banana cakes and brougt us at the time of farewell party.  It was soft like pudding and was yummy!
We love Philippine style- banana cake.  We teach you how to make it in detail.


Recipe for Banana Cake

• 4 pieces bananas
• 1 1/2 cup flour
• 1 1/4 cup sugar
• 1/2 cup oil
• 3 eggs
• 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
• 1 teaspoon soda
• 2 teaspoon vanilla
• 3/4 teasoonp cinnamon

1. Pre-heat oven to 150-180oC for 60 minutes.
2. Grease and flour pan.
3. Beat eggs until fluffy.
4. Add sugar and beat until pale and fluffy.
5. Add oil and beat.
6. Add mashed bananas and walnuts.
7. Add flour slowly. Stir or mix.
8. Add soda, baking powder and cinnamon and pour into pan.
9. Bake at 150oC in 25 minutes (adjust time)


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English Sunday service in matsuyama 2013/3/24


Bro. Mouzes ( Farewell message)


Bro.Edaward  (Testimony)


Bro.Asante  (Testimony)


Today's Bible veres (Romans:5:8)

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Although we are coming from different countries, we are family in Christ Jesus and we belong to the same body of Him.  We are so different in culture, races, languages but so specially and unique that you bought together to this church as a family. Praise God!

Hearing the testimonies from Br.Edward and Br.Asante, I’m sure God is pleased for your accomplishment, so we are having two doctors here.

I’m sure in the beginning it was really difficult and tough for you because of so many difference in Japan from your countries, but as the time went, God has blessed and provided all needs and accomplished the desire and hope in you and also visions, dreams, everything in your heart. But do not forget Jesus is always with you, we are in his hand, he guide us wherever we go whatever we do.

  In this morning, br, Elvis came and said bye to us before leaving to Shizuoka where he found a job.  Likewise I’m so thankful for three brothers have graduated from Ehime University and finally going back to their respective country. Do not forget one thing from Ecclesiastes3,in everything there is a time. This is just the time to say bye but we can meet again. Everything is controlled by God. I’m hoping to visit and preach in Ghana and Mindanao in Philippines, people are saying it is dangerous there though. We know God is working everywhere in the world. As we are gathering today, this unique combination is work of God. Although we are going to be separated, we can still pray together. In case we don’t see each other in this world , still we meet once again in God’s place.

We are different some are African, some are Asians but we are all Christians and have the same solid base, which is Jesus Christ and we are the children of God.


 We entered into Passion week which is memorial of Jesus’ death so this coming Friday is Good Friday and the next Sunday is Easter, cerebrating Jesus’ resurrection.. According the book of Romans5:8;  Because God created us, we can look for Him, seeking for the Creator. That’s why there are many religions but still there is something unseen mysterious world. Historically, Japanese liked superstitions, fortunetelling, many are noticed that there are many these kinds of columns on TV, magazines, palm reading so on , especially ladies love these..

Even some say that we should write the perfect lines or special massage on palms to bring good fortune from Korean cosmetic surgery which cost 100,000JPY for one line to be changed. Now this is a big fashion among Japanese girls to go to Korea for it. So stupid. We need real happiness and satisfaction than this. Because we are all sinners and can not wash our sins by ourselves. Only Jesus can do it.   Today’s scripture shows us three main points.

1.There is a Love demonstrated

 God demonstrated His own love toward us while we were still sinners. We have to know what is love, that is the source of life. Throughout this passion week, make sure that we receive it from God. Sometimes we are so busy and might complain what we lack but do not forget God has given you His sufficient love. And this love is the reality.

2.Sinners were already saved

The bible does not require that we should be a good person but only faith is required to be saved and just receive Him as a personal Savior. We were sinners before Christ died for us but God has just decided to love us and save us.

Therefore you are saved and we are now children of God.

3.Christ already died for you and me

 Salivation of Jesus is the fact he died for us on the cross is not a fairly-tale or old story.

It is a reality. There was no reason for Him to be crucified, He was Holy perfect person in this world. But He took our trespasses. No matter what people say about you God loves you.


Now our two brothers are going back to their home countries but we are still in Christ. and the same base which is Christ Jesus.

We never forget this foundation in our lives. Our God is God of love. Jesus has already died for us and resurrected for you and me. Love of Jesus Christ is with us.






After English Sunday service, we had a farewell party for Edward, his family and Asante.  It is sad for us to part with them, but we are filled with love and joy by God.  Wherever we do in this world, our God is the same and be with us.

( Next English worship )

2013/4/21  (PM1:30〜2:45)
You are most welcome to join us!  We are looking forward to seeing you.

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The strawberry picking! 2013/3/9


We visited the farm of strawberry in Futami. We were so happy to eat a lot of strawberry as much as we like. 


We were not planning to the outing
to a strawberry farm for this year, guessing not so many participants for this
year until Tamar, younger sister to Ponyandira requested.

She has been visiting her sister
here in Matusyama and we went out together to a strawberry farm in Futami-cho.


Also for Edward and his family,
this became the last outing to a strawberry farm in Japan.

On that day it was such a nice weather
like early in summer, still we just entered into early of March. We remembered
that it was too cold the day we went for picking strawberry last year, and
because of the low temperature the strawberry was tasteless, not nice and
sweet, so we were disappointed very much.
On the contrary, for this year since
the warm days continued in the late of winter, the strawberry became so sweet
and delicious, we were satisfied very much more than we expected.

Although there was a time
restriction for picking, everybody had enough to be full.

Craig Jonathan, the baby boy to Ponyadira
also enjoyed the strawberry which his mom mashed for him.  


We hope that even for Tamar, it
will be one of the sweet memories in Japan,sweet memory over strawberry and our

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