Thanks from our brother

This is the farewell greetings from our brother before going back to his home country.
We also appreciate him from our heart.   We were happy with him and blessed by him, too.

【Farewell greetings】
As for our church, Matsuyama Fukuin Cernter, I just want to say I feel back home in Jesus Christ whenever I come into the family of our church.   And I want to give great thanks to everyone in the big family.

As I mentioned many times, I am a very shy and weak person, so it is always hard for me to get into a new society.  What I can do is to keep friendly and quiet among people, as our country's saying "being Silent majority ".   But wherever I go, God helps me make new friends beside me and makes them accept me proactively.


When I came into our church, I was so nervous and alone.   While, the Lord sent pastor Ono to invite me into our church.   Fukiko san was so friendly.   She gave me a brief introduction.   And brother Bernard told me more information about Praise Fellowship.   And Aki san gave me her bike without any hesitation.   I found a group of friends whom I can trust and share experiences with immediately.   At that time, my mother was still worrying about my life here, she was full of horrible images about Japan such as earthquakes.
I told her I have already found my church, what's more do I need?   Then she noticed she has been the one of little faith and doesn't worry about my life in Japan any more.(the same thing happened in 2008, when I entered university which is about 2000km away from my hometown.  As I told her I found a church there, she was so happy and got rid of all the worries)


The first church event I attended was sports meeting.   Thanks to very patient organizers, everyone was enjoying the sunshine and friendly atmosphere of church.   From that time my feeling toward church in Japan has become really different.   Everyone is enjoying the day with God, has no need to worry about or to be frightened with each other.   After I participated in various activities in the church, I could share the happiness with you.   There is no exaggeration that except my study, I enjoyed all my days with our church.   In order to respond to everyone's kindness and the happiness you gave me, I tried my best to do something.   Such as trying to make moon cake at church bazzar or preparing some food for bible study.   Actually before that, I didn't know how to cook.  However, as Bernard always said "God is good", God made everything good.   Though I know not everyone really liked my food, every one of you was so gentle that nobody ever showed any upset to me.

At last, I must say thank you everyone in our church.   You showed me consideration for me all the time, shared the words and love from God with me who was just a stranger, even unable to talk with you.   Although the Babel tower separates us, the love of God makes us connect each other.   I hope it will not be the last words from me; I am willing to keep in touch with you in Christ.

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New Year's Greetings

A Happy New Year!!

The theme of this year is "Thankful"!

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
his love endures forever. (Psalm 107:1)

Pastor gave us this theme at the first Sunday Service of this year!
Let's live this year with thanks and have marvelous grace in our hand from God!

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The letter from Ghana


I hope by the grace of God you are doing well just as we are in Ghana. This is just to inform you that I have now settled down in Ghana after some initial challenges. Please permit me for my late e-mail as I needed to do a lot of things on my arrival, both at home and in the office. Now every thing is on course and I am back to normal life. I hope church is also as enjoyable as it has always been and new members have joined to fill our place. Please extend my greetings to all the members and once again, I say a BIG THANK YOU to you and  everyone for the nice time we had in the course of fellowship. I shall atend a WHO meeting on e-waste in Switzerland next month and I hope you will remember me in prayers so that everything goes on well.

Please have a good weekend and enjoy the English service on Sunday.

Benign regards,

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Testimony from Sri Lanka

How God Blessed our Life in Matsuyama

Four years back when I was ready to come to Japan, my fellow doctors told me if you consider your carrier not to go to Japan for longer periods.  Because everything is in Japanese and you could do nothing.  But I didn’t want to separate from my husband as a newly married wife.  I have been praying for this and small voice told me that, don’t worry God will bless you in every way.  Also some of my Christian friends told me there are no places for you to go for the fellowship.

God blessed us abundantly within our 4 years of stay in every way.  Together with our foreign Christian friends we prayed for a good fellow ship and God guided us to this church, where we had a good fellowship.  We involved many activities and we didn’t feel that we are away from our families.  The fellowship we had was better than of our own churches at our home country.

I had a good studying opportunity with a grant and I can use this experience of research for my future.  God blessed us financially when ever we needed.   God knew every thing beforehand and supplied every thing we needed.

Where ever we go in Matsuyama God had provided with best opportunities.  People were really helpful where ever we go.   ever we need something we went to church and always there is somebody to help us.

God has given us good friends, best day care for Hiroshi, best social care services, good and convenient house during our stay here. Those are amazing blessings.

Out of all I thank God always for my 2 sons.  We prayed for a child for around 2 years, and we were blessed with 2 sons.

God didn’t allow our faith to die, but allowed to increase our faith and continued blessing us giving a good bible based church. We started joining the praise fellowship and we always pray for its success. We know that it will be a blessing to many international residents in Matsuyama. Also we pray that our church will bring salvation to many Japanese.

My message to all our friend s is to be in faith and our God will bless us always and everywhere.

  Veena De Silva


They look so good!


Hiroshi has become two years old in December.  Congratulations!

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 Asante's family is leaving Japan for Ghana on the firest of April.  His wihe, Gifty prepared a testimony for us.  Below is her testimony.



Praise be to God almighty.  The Lord is good and his mercies endure forever.
He has been with us since we arrived in Matsuyama.  Though I was in Matsuyama from 2004 to 2005, the experience was different because this time our children were with us.  When I became pregnant for our third child, it was a mixed feeling, happy but also anxious of being far away from home but God was merciful to us.

I always had someone who accompanied me each time I had to go to the hospital. 
One of our neighbors was so nice to my kids, helping out with their home work and also translating information from their school to us.  Little did I know that she was a member of this church, so it was all joy when she invited my kids and I to a bazaar of the Matsuyama Fukuin Center.
I got to know about the English service and the Sunday school for kids and since that day we have not missed the service. 

The service is always uplifting and very fulfilling. The teachings from the pastor always serve as a guide for our everyday activity.  The love and friendship from members is always warm-heartening.  We are very happy to have been part of this fellowship though not long enough. The memories will be with us forever. 
It is my prayer that the good Lord will grant us all our hearts’ desire.  Glory be to God. During my pregnancy,  I made a request to God that I didn’t want to go into labor in the night and low and behold it was granted.  Isn’t our God so wonderful? 
Let’s trust in the Lord with all our heart and acknowledge him in everything we do and he will surely direct our path.  Amen
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New Year's Greeting

It has been one year now since I began helping at Praise Fellowship.  I can always feel the great presence of God while I am worshipping and praying together with the foreign students.   Even though our countries and languages are different, our thoughts and hearts, believing in God who gives us life, are one and the same.   It gives me great happiness to feel this in such a real way.

Through my service , I have been able to learn the English expressions about the BIble and faith.  As this was what I had been asking for, I thank God with all my heart for giving me this opportunity.

Once every month I am in charge of the English worship service and updating the blog.   With guidance and help from God, I have been keeping these up.  I am blessed each time I get a little better at this.   I am trying my best to maintain the blog, with the help of our pastor's wife, Ayama-san, who is teaching me how.  We have been saying that the most important thing is to "keep trying, anyhow".

Anybody who sees our blog, please feel free to tell us what you would like to see on it, and give us any ideas which make our blog more interesting.

By Fukiko
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