English Sunday Service at Protestant church in Matsuyama 2017/9/24

It's getting cooler and the fall has come.   It is the best season for harvest.   Let’s enjoy spiritual harvest in God’s love.



Bible:UKing 5:1-14
From today’s story of Naaman, we want to learn 3 lessons.
1. Focus on God’s works beyond our situations
It is true that there are many difficult situations before us.  When Naaman went to Elisha in Israel to be healed his leprosy, his countries and Israel were in the battle.
And Naaman was the commander of Aram, the enemy of Israel.  
But he didn’t hesitate to visit Israel to see the great prophet.
When we stand before God, we must focus on only God’s work instead of trying to solve the problems by our own efforts.

2. God’s words must be stronger than our emotions
When Naaman received the message from Elisha to clean his body in the river of Jordan, he got furious because he expected him to pray directly.   Be careful not to lose God’s blessings because of your false emotions.   God doesn’t word according to your emotions.  
3. Listen to what God is saying and follow it
When Naaman washed himself 7 times in the Jordan, he was healed.   When we obey God’s word, we can receive God’s work.   God has a life changing power, so let’s experience this good work of God this fall.

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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2016/10/30


                                                                Bible:Mark 10:17〜21
It's a Good thing to Love and be loved by God. As a friend, God would like to directly and consistently communicate with us. He is always with us. He communicates to us through many ways in worship, in prayers, in sermon, in daily devotions, etc. We should always keep His words in our hearts.
From today's text, the young man, wanted to know the key to eternal life. It seems he expected something complicated but Jesus gave a simple straight answer, that pierced his heart.
What do we learn from the incident?

1. We should be careful about our altitude to GOD'S word. We should not try to challenge God's word but should let it transform us. Let Him increase as we decrease.

2. We have to admit that God is greater than thoughts of men. Let's Gods wisdom reign in our life's.

3. Our possessions should not control our lives. Our master is one, Jesus Christ.
Let's follow Christ with all our hearts and we have. If he could transform the disciples and He still even today he can.
Let's listen, obey and follow.
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The church schedule of October

10/2 Holy Communion
 AM9:00〜10:45 (interpreted into English on PC)
 After service, we have a small gift for all those people who were born in the month of October.
10/9 Healing service
 AM9:00〜10:45 (interpreted into English on PC)
 We will pray intensively for the sick who are in need.
10/30 English Sunday service ( PM 1:30〜2:45 )
 We will have a monthly English service. Let's us enjoy worshiping and singing to God in English. We are looking forward to seeing you. A refreshment will be provied after service for fellowshipping.
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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2015/8/23


The time is moving. We feel the coming of the fall.
 The blessing of God is fresh every morning. So, let’s give thanks God many good memories of summer and expect new blessing.

 1. Save yourselves from the corrupt generation.
 Paul told to repent people 2000 years ago. Society has changed but we are still living in the wicked world.
2. There are sins within us.
 Recognize we are all powerless and foolish existence before God, and ask God to cleanse our sins. Always ask God in our prayer “What shall we do to be saved?”
3. Repent our sins from our heart and believe the gospel of God. And receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We can get real peace and happiness in our life.

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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2015/7/26


The long rainy season was over and the summer has come! God prepares special blessing for your summer.

Bible Mark 9:14-29
Today we want to learn God’s teaching “can or can’t” from the story “”the healing of a boy with an evil spirit”.

1. The disciples and people couldn’t heal the boy.
They were just talking without the result of healing.
Nowadays people rely on someone for the solution of troubles. But there is a limit of human power.

2. Even the father couldn’t do anything for his son.
Sometimes people think love is most important. This father has deep love for his son but he couldn’t deliver his son from the control of demons.

3. Only Jesus can heal.   And to our thanks, we can also work with God.  He says “Everything is possible for him who believes.”  One person can make a difference!
God has chosen you with special purpose! 


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English Sunday Service in Matsuyama 2015/6/28



Bible Joshua 6:1-7

 1. The declaration of the victory in advance of the war.
 In our actual life we face the difficulties. But fight with them believing the victory declared by God.

2. The preparation in faith for the war.
 Don’t rely on our own thinking or feeling. Instead, when we obey God, we can truly prepare for the war.

3. The consciousness toward God who is with us.
 The number “7” means the presence of God. God always works with us and helps us. So face our difficulties with God and get the victory in our hands.


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English Sunday service in Mastuyama 2015/4/19

The new academic year has started.  Let’s make a good start with faith!

Today’s bible: Exodus 3:10,16,17  4:1,10
1.God prepares special and unique plan for your life.  Let’s not make an excuse that you can’t do it, which is unfaithful.

2.Every hero or heroine in the bible is not brave from the first.   They all were weak but God changed them strong. 

3.If only you take a first step with faith, God gives you power and help you to perform your aim given by God.



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Easter celebration!


We celebrated Easter at Sunday service on 5th in April.
Reading Drama of resurrection and several special songs were performed. Some of Praise Fellowship members sang special praise. Hallelujah!
After service, the church organized a buffet style luncheon for everyone at ¥200. Many sisters of our church also brought dishes voluntarily. The luncheon was so gorgeous that everybody enjoyed it!! We had a very good time with wonderful food and recreations. Please look at nice smiles.




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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2015/3/22




Spring has come!!  Yesterday the weather broadcast reported the first cherry blossoms in Kagoshima prefecture.   The nature enjoys new season.  Let’s enjoy, we, too.

Bible: Exodus 3:1-12

When Moses was 80 years old, he was nobody, just only a shepherd.   He must have thought his life was over.   But God has the plan for him.

1. You have personal relationship with God.
God called to Moses.  God comes to our heart face to face. Your life must be unique one by God.  When you are challenging, you are not alone.   God is always with you.

2. God knows your reality.
God saw and heard the sufferings of Moses.  God is a creator, who can refresh and renew your life.

3. God provides you mission and aim on your life.
Some members will leave Japan and go home this spring.   But wherever you go, God will encourage and help you to accomplish your own mission.  Let’s do our best to accomplish the plan God has prepared for our life.


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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2015/2/22



( Bible: Acts 9:1-6 )

It’s the story of Saul’s Conversion.

He persecuted the Christian first, but after he was struck the light of God he was conversed.

( Points )

Like Saul, let’s ask Jesus simply “Who are you?”   Then He will tell you your own identity and aim of your life.  Let’s live your life guided by God, not by your own thinking.

When you all came to Japan, there must be God’s guidance. 

And now, some of the members of Praise Fellowship are leaving Japan this spring.   Please follow him and do your own aim in your country, too.   Then God will tell you what you are truly.


( Information )

We had a farewell party at church.

Two of our members return to their hometown this spring.



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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2015/1/25

" The Thankfulness that God Desires "

Bible  1 Thessalonians 5:18 Be joyful always ; pray continually;give thanks in all circumstances,
The theme for this year is “Always be thankful!” Living a life of thankfulness to God leads to grace and blessings. Shouldn’t we always experience the kind of blessings brought on by thankfulness in our every day, actual lives?

Philippians4: 6,7  “ Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with
thanksgiving, present your requests to God “ 

God in every situation (whether good or bad) wants us have a thankful attitude. If we pray with thanksgiving, God will protect us. No matter what the situation, let us always be thankful throughout this year.

What is the sort of thankfulness that God desires, which we should be mindful everyday?

@  This thankfulness has a clear direction; it is important that we lift our eyes to God and give thanks TO Him.

Ephesians 5:20  “always giving thanks to God the Father for everything”   
Psalm 118:21  “I will give you thanks ”

What the Bible says about thankfulness is at all times direct your thankfulness toward God. God, to you, to Christ, we give thanks. 

We should not shut up our feelings in our hearts. Rather our thankfulness should be able to reach God. Proper faith comes from the heart directed toward God and has a relationship with God. This is why it is important that thankfulness also be directed toward God.

A   Our thanksgiving should be accompanied by full, expressive joy.

Colossians 1:12  “and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you[a] to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.”
Colossians 3:16  Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.
Psalm 28: My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

When we receive grace from God, when we are thankful, there is always joy.
The need to express joy, sing and dance come with it. It’s good to express and show your heart along with your faith. Thankfulness must be expressed. 
B Let us remember that proper action must always accompany our thanksgiving. What kind of action? This is very clear.
Psalm 50:14  “ Sacrifice thank offerings to God “
Psalm 107:22  “ Let them sacrifice thank offerings “
2 Chronicles 29:31  “ Come and bring sacrifices and thank offerings to the temple of the LORD “.
In order to express their thankfulness, the people of the period in the Old Testament gave a physical offering. In this, they even gave the lives of animals (as sacrifices) and showed how their thanksgiving was deep and genuine, with a true heart. In today’s society, we tend to offer superficial words and lip service as thanksgiving. To Christ, who loves us so much He gave His life for us, let’s give something worthy of being called a thank offering (with specific actions, or devotion that you give from yourself).

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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2014/11/30



Today is the start of Advent, the beginning of the Christmas season.
During this Advent, let’s expect the coming of our savior with all of our hearts.
Outside church, Japanese society became very busy.  But we Christian don’t lose real peace in our mind because of hard schedule.

Today’s verse: Luke1:26-38
There are three keys for real blessing from God.

1. We really want to know Jesus Christ was born to this world as a savior.

2. We need to prepare ourselves so that we can receive the grace from God at this Christmas time.  Let’s make your faith work and get into action.

3. It is important to receive whole God’s work and believe his unlimited power.
  Nothing is impossible with God.

Christmas is the best time to witness Jesus Christ.  Let’s invite people around you to the Christmas meeting and church service.


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English Sunday service in Matsuyma 2014/10/19


We have some new faces here in this service. Welcome you in the name of Jesus!
We had two big typhoons in this month and the first one hit Japan on the day of my departure to Malaysia.
I experienced two miracles of God through this challenge.
In spite of the worst weather condition, only my flight was not cancelled.
Adding to this, I sprained my ankle terribly but just within one day  I was healed, as I prayed to God hard. He really has heard my prayer.
We are blessed because we serve the Living God. Do not hesitate to activate our faith and pray in any occasions.

( Today's verses: 1 Samuel 1:9-18)
This is a story of Hannah. She was barren that's why she was deeply troubled in her heart.
She prayed by pouring out her soul before the Lord and God listened to her prayer.

1. Let your honest thought manifested in your prayer.
Hannah knew how to express her bitterness in her heart. It means she had true relationship with Him.
Sometimes we try to hide ourselves from the eyes of God but we should express our desire to God and feel free to pray to God.
We can pray by ourselves for any needs such as spiritual or financial matters, family, education and blessings.
Do not hide our weaknesses but do something to act.

2. Let your faith put into action
If you have simple thought or small faith to God, bring them to Him and encourage yourselves.
Hannah didn't know how to pray in good manner but poured out her soul and made a vow to God.
Do not hide your weakness from God just because we are nameless and far from the standard of good Christians.  

3. This was the first episode of Great prophet Samuel, beginning of his great history.
You should also do the same, start writing your own history as an author of your life.
This Great Miracle-making God is always with us. Do not hesitate to activate your faith now.
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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2014/9/28


We are experience a good weather now.  Autumn is a good season to do anything, to do study, to travel and so on.  We would like to have not only the good weather but also good spirit.  In this autumn, let's activate our faith!

( Today's verce: 2 Kings 5 :1〜14)
This is a story of healing of Naaman.  It is a unique and famous story. 
Let's learn a posture of the faith from this story.  We want to receive a blessing of God.

1.God works through a process of stories.
The blessing of God is not mere story but the beginning of the father one, which leads to a goal.
The goal is prepared by God for us.

2.When we experience a blessing from God, we must not take only a superficial thing.
We don't end it by human idea and way. We must not end it on the way of God's plan.
Follow God's command through a shown method by God.

3.God demands that you follow his command until the last.
Let's carry it out till the time of God comes.  Do not give up and you will receive God's answer.

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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 014/8/31


" The Greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ "

Today's verses: John 6:16-21

Ps Mandai has been teaching us about the deep meaning of a Sign. Although the four gospels talk about the signs, the book of John is distinctive in the sense that it records only 7 signs done by Jesus Christ. Usually the word Sign has always a deeper meaning, and John talks about the works of Jesus Christ as a sign post to the people to believe and to have faith in Jesus.
In today's scriptures, Jesus walked on the water as a 5th sign out of 7 signs recorded in the gospel of John. From this true story we can learn three points:

(1) Jesus Christ has His own divine will
Jesus has His own idea and strong will, He does everything by His divine plan and not for the convenience of people.
 On His time He came to this world to die on the cross and to resurrect from the dead to be our Savior and of all mankind in this world. This is beyond our thought and beyond our imagination.
Many people make Jesus too small in their mind. Do not make Jesus too small by the limitation of your mind.
 As we have faith in Christ, we should have real image of Jesus as God.

(2) Jesus is the manifestation of the true Creator God
As Jesus Christ is the author of natural laws, He can change anything He wants.
 When God speaks, everything will happen according to His word and change will occur beyond and exceeding the power of nature through the love of Jesus.
 As Jesus Christ is the Creator of the whole universe, He has the power to provide to us everything we need.

(3) Jesus has the power of God and is very close to help you
Jesus knew that His disciples were having tough time with their boat and journey on the sea due to the storms.
 And so He walked on the sea to help them.
 Even today Jesus is even coming to you in the midst of your storms or difficult challenges to help you and He is still saying to you " Do not be afraid."
 He is always on your side. You just need to immediately and willingly receive Jesus in the boat of your life for Him to help you in your tough situations.
 So no matter how greatly the boat will be shaken by the strong wind or start sinking, do not worry because He is with you.

 He has the power and authority to stop your challenges immediately. Because of Him, we can move forward and achieve our goals in life. He is The Great and Awesome God.
So do not miniaturise Jesus in whom you believe. He has divine plan, will and power for everything and over everything.
Remember Jesus Christ is still talking to us , "Do not be afraid" He is always near you. Believe in Him today!
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English Sunday service in Matsuyama 2014/7/27


 Today's Bible: John 4:46〜54
 " Keep to develop our faith."

1, If you have any need in your life, don't hesitate to ask God!
2, Jesus loves to help our faith grow.


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English Sunday service 2014/6/29

Today's Bible: Acts 4:23-35

In order to build the living Church, there are 4 points to do.

1. We need to have faith in one accord. (verse 24)
2. There must be witnesses in the living church. (verse 27,28)
3. There must be power of the Holy Spirit which create sings and wonders. (verse 29〜31,33)
4. In the real church we have an attitude of giving and sharing. (verse 32)


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English Sunday service 2014/5/11

Today's Bible: Revolution 2:10
Highlight: Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.
In today’s verse, we were able to think about the nature of Faithfulness. In the modern society, the word faithfulness seems to be lightened compared from the past. But as Christians, we must not forget about real meaning of keeping our faithfulness to God.
There are 2 things that we should keep in mind about faithfulness
1. We Christians should be faithful until death.
Many things change so easily and are forgotten. But we need to keep our loyalty until the day we go to heaven. Being a Christian is a lifelong experience, so be faithful all the time!

2. We should never minimize the meaning of Faithfulness.
Until how much can we be faithful to God? Are we really facing God and keeping our faithfulness all the time? Even though life has changed a lot, the way that we keep faith to God should have the whole meaning of the word faithfulness.

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English Sunday service 2014/4/6

Today's Bible: Romans 5:3-5
Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

This is the beginning of spring. In this year we will experience both good things and hardships.
Even in tribulations, we will have hope and faith. We can glory in trying times because suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame.

We want to constantly have peace in our life but that is usually wishful thinking. Most people do not want to do a lot of things because that offers peace. Most Japanese pastors are that way. They do not have tight schedules because that gives them a lot of peace.

But we should not be timid, shying away from doing great things because we do not want trouble or tribulations. We should go out and work hard because we will then experience the hope from God. This hope is based on the love of God. We can rest assured that we will not be disappointed. We believe in God who is spirit, we cant see or touch Him, but He is always present.

An old man was lying helpless right on rail tracks at a railroad crossing. A young lady whose car had stopped right in front of the crossing jumped out of her car to rescue the troubled senior even though the train was just about to run him over. Well, she managed to get the old man out of harm's way but she herself did not. She was young, single, with the whole unwritten future ahead of her. She sacrificed all that for the old man she never knew.

The media was abuzz with her story, and the old man himself did not attract much media attention. People loved her. She touched so many by what she did. She was selfless. That is the God kind of Love.

The word LOVE has been used and abused by many people. We have all kinds of love around us. We must distinguish between the Love of God and love as described by the world.

The love of God is not emotional or impulsive. His kind of love is exceptional in that He died for us while we were yet sinners. We were condemned to die but Jesus Christ died to ransom us.

As we celebrate Easter in this month, let us bear in mind that Jesus LOVES us and died for us to set us free.




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English Sunday service 2014/2/23


Today's Bible: Matthew 25~30
"The good and faithful servant."

We want to focus on verse 16 today.
Through a parable of Talents, the pastor preached to be a good and faithful servant.
But what is the real nature of faithfulness?  These are three key points about this.

1.The real faithfulness must be an action.
2.We have to use our ability to achieve God's command.
3.Be concerned about the result.



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